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© Copyright 2017 Rabena LLC

The Condo is now managed by Phoenix Management Services

All Unit Owner payments, vendors bills and correspondence should be sent to:

Lakeshore Colony No. 1 Condominium Association

C/O Phoenix Management Services


Greenacres, FL 33463

Calls made to (561) 964-1550

Condo Notices

Maintenance Fees are invoiced quarterly

2 bedroom unit maintenance fees are $735.00 per quarter

3 bedroom unit maintenance fees are $795.00 per quarter

Annual Reserve Fee is invoiced annually and due by October each year with minimum monthly payments of $100 per month.

2 bedroom unit reserve fee is $784.00 per year

3 bedroom unit reserve fee is $848.00 per year

Upon the sale of a unit any unit owner still paying a loan balance for the concrete restoration project must settle that loan from the proceeds of the sale.


REMEMBER: it is your responsibility as a unit owner to service your air conditioner

and ensure your water heater and plumbing is in good order

before you abandon your unit to head north in the summer.

Please email us the name of the person responsible for your unit in your absence.


Rules for Contractors and Residents doing renovation.

If you have hired a contractor to work on your unit please make sure they understand they are responsible for carting all debris from the condo.

Contractors are forbidden from using the Condo dumpster or condo grocery cart.

Contractors are to protect the floors around the unit, elevator and lobby by taping down heavy weight builder’s paper or rosin paper utilizing painters tape and removing same each night.

Entry mats should be moved or covered to avoid ground in soil as carts roll over them.

If you observe any violation of the building rules or town code notify one of the board members or call the town of Hypoluxo at 561-582-0155 to report the violation.

Bulk Pickup Instructions (revised 9-2017)

1. Call Waste Management at 561-547-4000 and select Option #3 to schedule your pickup.

2. You will need to reference the Master’s Account Number 24114542 and

make the operator understand the pickup in in front of the CONDO at 8200 Lakeshore Dr and not 41 South Lakeshore Dr.

3. Place your large item(s) on the pavement in the area in front of the water hose and place a note on the item with your unit number & indicate the pick-up date.